Believe IT "How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable" is a book by Jamie Kern Lima, the founder of IT Cosmetics, and it's a memoir and self-help book that shares her journey from struggling entrepreneur to building a billion-dollar beauty brand. In the book, she imparts several key ideas and lessons that can inspire and motivate others on their entrepreneurial journey. Here are the key ideas from "Believe IT":
The Power of Belief
Kern Lima emphasizes the transformative power of belief in oneself and one's vision. She discusses how self-belief was a driving force in her entrepreneurial success.
Overcoming Rejection
The book delves into Kern Lima's experiences of facing rejection and setbacks as she tried to grow her business. She provides insights into how to persist in the face of adversity.
Building a Brand with Authenticity
Kern Lima discusses the importance of authenticity and realness in building a brand that resonates with customers. She shares her belief in the "real beauty" of every person.
Taking Risks
Kern Lima advocates for taking calculated risks in business. She shares her own experiences of stepping out of her comfort zone and pursuing opportunities that led to growth.
The Power of Relationships
The book highlights the value of building strong relationships and partnerships in business. Kern Lima discusses how collaboration and networking played a significant role in her journey.
Learning from Failure
Kern Lima shares stories of her failures and how she learned from them. She encourages readers to view failures as stepping stones to success.
Adapting to Change
The book addresses the ever-changing nature of business and the importance of adaptability. Kern Lima discusses how she adapted her business strategies to meet evolving market demands.
The Impact of Persistence
Persistence is a recurring theme in the book. Kern Lima's unwavering determination to achieve her goals is a testament to the importance of persistence in entrepreneurship.
Being of Service to Others
Kern Lima discusses the significance of making a positive impact on others' lives through one's work. She shares how her brand's mission of helping women feel confident without makeup resonated with customers.
The Journey of Self-Discovery
The book reflects on Kern Lima's personal journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. She encourages readers to embrace their uniqueness and use it as a source of strength.
Giving Back
Kern Lima discusses her commitment to giving back and her philanthropic efforts, including the "Look Good Feel Better" program.
The Value of Gratitude
The book emphasizes the importance of gratitude and maintaining a grateful mindset even in challenging times.

"Believe IT" offers a blend of personal memoir and business advice, making it both inspirational and informative for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone looking to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Jamie Kern Lima's story serves as a reminder that with belief in oneself, persistence, and authenticity, it's possible to overcome obstacles and create a successful and meaningful business.