Die With Zero "Getting All You Can from Your Money and Your Life" by Bill Perkins is a personal finance and life planning book that encourages readers to reconsider traditional notions of retirement and wealth management. The book offers a unique perspective on how to maximize the enjoyment and impact of your wealth over your lifetime. Here are the key ideas from "Die With Zero":
The Zero-Based Life Plan
The book introduces the concept of a "Zero-Based Life Plan," which challenges the idea of saving everything for retirement and instead advocates for optimizing life experiences throughout your lifetime.
Life Is Short
Perkins emphasizes the finite nature of life and encourages readers to prioritize experiences, adventures, and quality time with loved ones while they are in good health and able to fully enjoy them.
The "Adventure Capital" Concept
"Die With Zero" introduces the idea of allocating a portion of your wealth as "adventure capital" to fund meaningful experiences, travel, and adventures throughout your life.
The "Legacy Bucket"
Perkins discusses the concept of the "legacy bucket," which represents the wealth you intend to leave to heirs and charities after your death. He suggests not leaving excessive wealth behind but instead using it for enjoyable experiences in your lifetime.
Financial Planning and Budgeting
The book encourages readers to engage in careful financial planning and budgeting to ensure that they have sufficient resources to fund their desired experiences and adventures.
Economic Value vs. Emotional Value
Perkins distinguishes between economic value (e.g., investments, assets) and emotional value (e.g., experiences, memories) and argues that emotional value should be a priority.
Retirement Reimagined
"Die With Zero" challenges the traditional concept of retirement as a time of complete leisure and instead suggests that retirement should involve a balance of work, leisure, and adventure.
Experience-Based Budgeting
Perkins introduces the concept of "experience-based budgeting," where individuals plan and budget for experiences and adventures, not just traditional expenses.
Family and Legacy
The book emphasizes the importance of involving family members in discussions about wealth, legacy planning, and shared experiences.
Risk Management
Perkins acknowledges the importance of risk management in financial planning and suggests being prepared for unexpected events while still prioritizing life experiences.
Embracing Challenges
The book encourages readers to embrace challenges, discomfort, and uncertainty as part of the adventure and growth process.
Calculating and Maximizing the "ZWL" (Zero Wealth Line)
"Die With Zero" introduces the concept of the "Zero Wealth Line" (ZWL), which represents the point at which you have allocated all your resources for life experiences. The goal is to calculate and maximize your ZWL.
Finding Balance
Perkins acknowledges that achieving a balance between financial responsibility and enjoying life experiences can be challenging and requires thoughtful planning.

"Die With Zero" challenges conventional wisdom about retirement and wealth management, advocating for a more intentional and experiential approach to life planning. It encourages readers to prioritize experiences and adventures while ensuring that they have the financial means to support those choices.