Obsessed: Building a Brand People Love from Day One by Emily Heyward is a book that delves into brand building and how to create a brand that resonates deeply with consumers. Heyward draws on her experience as a brand strategist to offer insights and practical advice for building brands that people are passionate about. Here are the key ideas from the book:
The Power of Brand Love
Heyward argues that successful brands are built on love, not just transactional relationships. When people feel a deep emotional connection to a brand, they become loyal advocates.
Authenticity and Purpose
Authenticity is a central theme in the book. Heyward emphasizes the importance of having a clear brand purpose and values that align with the beliefs and aspirations of your target audience.
Obsession-Worthy Brands
The author introduces the concept of an "obsession-worthy brand" and provides examples of brands that have achieved this status. Such brands create a cult-like following and are deeply integrated into consumers' lives.
Brand Storytelling
Heyward discusses the power of storytelling in building a brand. She encourages brands to tell compelling and relatable stories that connect with their audience on a personal level.
Building a Brand from Day One
The book emphasizes that brand building should begin at the earliest stages of a company's development, not as an afterthought. A strong brand should be part of the company's DNA from the outset.
Listening to Your Audience
Heyward underscores the importance of listening to and understanding your audience. Brands should actively seek feedback, engage in conversations, and adapt based on customer insights.
Design and Visual Identity
Visual branding and design play a significant role in creating a strong brand identity. Heyward discusses the importance of consistency in design and the visual elements that convey a brand's personality.
Brand Experience
Brand experience goes beyond products or services. Heyward explores how every touchpoint with customers, from advertising to customer service, contributes to the overall brand experience.
Creating Brand Rituals
Rituals are repetitive actions that build a sense of connection and loyalty. Heyward discusses how brands can create their own rituals or tap into existing cultural rituals to strengthen their connection with customers.
Empathy and Connection
Successful brands demonstrate empathy and an understanding of their customers' needs and desires. They make customers feel seen and valued.
Measuring Brand Success
The book discusses various metrics and methods for measuring the success and impact of a brand, including customer surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and social media sentiment analysis.

"Obsessed" offers a holistic perspective on brand building, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections, authenticity, and purpose. It provides actionable insights and examples that can help businesses of all sizes create brands that resonate deeply with their target audience and foster brand loyalty from day one.