Sales EQ "How Ultra High Performers Leverage Sales-Specific Emotional Intelligence to Close the Complex Deal" by Jeb Blount is a book that explores the role of emotional intelligence in sales and provides insights and strategies for sales professionals to improve their sales performance. Here are the key ideas from "Sales EQ":
Sales-Specific Emotional Intelligence (Sales EQ)
Blount introduces the concept of Sales EQ, which is a specialized form of emotional intelligence tailored for sales professionals. It involves understanding and managing emotions to enhance sales success.
The Impact of Emotions in Sales
The book discusses how emotions play a significant role in the sales process, affecting both the salesperson and the prospect. Sales professionals must be aware of and manage their emotions effectively.
The Four Pillars of Sales EQ
Blount outlines four key pillars of Sales EQ:

1. Empathy
The ability to understand and connect with a prospect's emotions and perspective.

2. Self-Awareness
Recognizing one's own emotions and how they influence behavior.

3. Sales Drive
The motivation and determination to achieve sales goals.

4. Relationship Skills
Building and maintaining strong, trust-based relationships with prospects and clients.
Empathetic Selling
The book emphasizes the importance of empathy in sales. Sales professionals should actively listen, ask probing questions, and demonstrate genuine concern for the prospect's needs and challenges.
Emotionally Intelligent Communication
Blount provides guidance on how to communicate effectively with prospects, tailoring messages and responses to their emotional triggers and preferences.
Prospect-Centric Selling
The book advocates for a prospect-centric approach, where the salesperson prioritizes the prospect's interests and needs over their own agenda.
Overcoming Rejection and Resilience
Sales professionals often face rejection and setbacks. Blount discusses strategies for building resilience and bouncing back from rejection.
Dealing with Difficult Customers
The book provides insights into handling difficult or challenging customers with professionalism and emotional intelligence.
Mindset and Positive Psychology
Blount explores the role of a positive mindset and the principles of positive psychology in sales success.
Emotionally Intelligent Sales Leadership
The book extends the concept of Sales EQ to sales leadership, highlighting the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership in driving team performance.
Sales Technology and Automation
Blount discusses the role of technology and automation in sales and emphasizes the need for a human touch in sales interactions.
Sales Training and Development
Sales professionals can enhance their Sales EQ through training and development programs that focus on emotional intelligence and relationship-building skills.
Adaptability and Continuous Learning
Sales professionals should be adaptable and open to learning from their experiences and feedback.

In "Sales EQ," Jeb Blount provides a framework for understanding and improving emotional intelligence specifically tailored to the sales profession. The book highlights the crucial role of empathy, self-awareness, motivation, and relationship-building skills in achieving sales success. It offers practical strategies and insights for sales professionals looking to connect with prospects on a deeper emotional level and close complex deals more effectively.