The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn is a motivational book that uses a real-life postal worker named Fred Shea as an example of how anyone can make a positive impact by delivering exceptional service and going above and beyond in their work. Here are the key ideas from the book:
The Fred Philosophy
The book introduces the "Fred Philosophy," which is about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Fred Shea, the book's inspiration, was an ordinary mail carrier who approached his job with extraordinary dedication and enthusiasm.
Everyone Can Be a Fred
Sanborn emphasizes that anyone, regardless of their job or position, can adopt the Fred Philosophy. It's about taking pride in your work, finding ways to make a difference, and serving others with excellence.
Passion and Purpose
Fred exemplifies the idea that passion and purpose can elevate any job. He found meaning and fulfillment in his role as a mail carrier by making personal connections and exceeding expectations.
The Four Fred Principles
The book outlines four key principles that Fred embraced in his work:

1. Make a Difference
Fred believed that every interaction was an opportunity to make a positive impact.

2. Build Relationships
He focused on building personal connections and treating each person he encountered with respect and kindness.

3. Create Value
Fred consistently looked for ways to go above and beyond and deliver exceptional service.

4. Reinvent Yourself
He was open to change and innovation, always looking for ways to improve and adapt.
Taking Initiative
Fred took the initiative to solve problems and meet customer needs without waiting for instructions or being asked. He showed that proactive action can set you apart in any role.
Positive Attitude
Fred's positive attitude and enthusiasm were contagious. His customers and coworkers appreciated his energy and optimism.
Personal Responsibility
The book emphasizes personal responsibility and the importance of taking ownership of your actions and their impact on others.
The Fred Assessment
Sanborn provides a self-assessment tool to help readers evaluate their own Fred Factor and identify areas for improvement.
Fred in Leadership
The book discusses how leaders can apply the Fred Philosophy to create a positive and motivated team. It encourages leaders to empower and recognize their employees.
The Ripple Effect
The actions of a Fred have a ripple effect, influencing not only those they directly serve but also those who witness their dedication and service.

"The Fred Factor" inspires readers to approach their work and interactions with others with a sense of purpose, passion, and commitment to excellence. It shows that making a positive difference is not limited to any specific job or role and that anyone can become a "Fred" by embracing the principles of making a difference, building relationships, creating value, and reinventing themselves.