The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson is a revised and updated version of the classic management book "The One Minute Manager." This book presents a concise and effective approach to leadership and management. Here are the key ideas from "The New One Minute Manager":
The Three Secrets
The authors introduce the concept of the "One Minute Manager" and highlight three secrets to effective management: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Re-Directs.
One Minute Goals
Setting clear and concise goals is the first secret. The manager and the employee must agree on what needs to be achieved, write down the goals on a single page, and ensure they are mutually understood.
One Minute Praisings
This secret focuses on the importance of providing immediate and specific praise or feedback when employees perform well. Managers should catch people doing things right and offer genuine, brief praises to reinforce positive behavior.
One Minute Re-Directs
When employees make mistakes or exhibit undesired behavior, managers should address the issue promptly and constructively. This secret encourages managers to redirect behavior without attacking the person.
The Feedback Process
The book emphasizes that feedback should be a continuous process. Managers should constantly review and reinforce goals, praise achievements, and provide guidance when necessary.
Effective Leadership
Effective leadership involves a balance of clear expectations (One Minute Goals), recognition and encouragement (One Minute Praisings), and corrective action (One Minute Re-Directs).
Situational Leadership
The authors stress the importance of adapting one's leadership style to the situation and the needs of the individual employee. A good manager knows when to be more directive or more supportive based on the employee's competence and commitment.
Empowering employees means giving them the autonomy and responsibility to make decisions and take ownership of their work. Effective managers encourage employee self-reliance.
Feedback in Real Time
Providing feedback immediately, as close to the event as possible, is key to reinforcing positive behavior and addressing issues promptly.
Positive Reinforcement
The book underscores the value of positive reinforcement in motivating employees and boosting their morale and performance.
Employee Development
Managers should focus on developing their employees' skills, competencies, and self-confidence over time. This leads to a more capable and self-reliant team.
Effective Communication
The authors stress the importance of clear and open communication between managers and employees. Being available to listen and offer guidance is essential.
Achievement and Fulfillment
By implementing the principles of the One Minute Manager, employees can experience a sense of achievement, fulfillment, and personal growth in their work.

"The New One Minute Manager" promotes a practical and results-oriented approach to management and leadership. It emphasizes the importance of clear communication, setting and monitoring goals, and providing timely feedback and recognition. This approach is designed to create a positive work environment, enhance employee performance, and build strong working relationships between managers and their teams.