Change Your Questions, Change Your Life "12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Life" by Marilee Adams, Ph.D., is a book that focuses on the importance of asking the right questions to improve personal and professional outcomes. Dr. Adams introduces the concept of "QuestionThinking" and offers practical tools and techniques for changing one's questions to achieve greater success and satisfaction. Here are the key ideas from the book:
The book introduces the concept of QuestionThinking, which is the practice of becoming aware of and changing the questions one asks in various situations. Dr. Adams argues that our questions shape our thinking, actions, and results.
Judger and Learner Mindsets
Dr. Adams identifies two primary mindsets: the Judger mindset and the Learner mindset. The Judger mindset is characterized by critical and limiting questions, while the Learner mindset is open, curious, and growth-oriented.
Questions as Tools
The book emphasizes that questions are powerful tools for shaping our perceptions, emotions, and behavior. By changing our questions, we can shift our mindset and perspective.
The Choice Map
Dr. Adams presents the Choice Map, a visual representation of the Judger and Learner mindsets. It helps individuals become aware of their current mindset and choose to shift to a more productive one.
Questions for Self-Reflection
The book provides a set of reflective questions that individuals can use to explore their thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors. These questions help in identifying the mindset at play.
The Power of Learner Questions
Dr. Adams discusses the impact of Learner questions, which foster curiosity, creativity, and constructive interactions. Learner questions open up possibilities and new perspectives.
Questioning in Leadership
The book explores how QuestionThinking can be applied in leadership roles. Leaders who embrace Learner questions can create a culture of openness, learning, and innovation in their organizations.
Coaching with Questions
Dr. Adams introduces the concept of "Q-Coach" or Questioning Coach, emphasizing the importance of using powerful questions to guide and support individuals in their personal and professional development.
Applying QuestionThinking to Life
The book provides practical tools and exercises for applying QuestionThinking to various life situations, including relationships, decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting.
Positive Change and Growth
Dr. Adams underscores the potential for positive change and personal growth that comes from adopting a Learner mindset and asking empowering questions. Learner questions can lead to resilience and adaptability.
Conflict Resolution
The book discusses how QuestionThinking can be used to navigate conflicts and disagreements. By shifting from Judger questions to Learner questions, individuals can foster more constructive dialogues.
Continuous Improvement
Dr. Adams encourages readers to embrace a lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth through QuestionThinking. The process of changing questions is ongoing and can lead to continuous improvement.

"Change Your Questions, Change Your Life" offers a practical framework for individuals seeking to transform their mindset and improve their personal and professional lives. Marilee Adams, Ph.D., provides tools and techniques for recognizing and changing limiting questions, leading to greater self-awareness, resilience, and a more open and growth-oriented approach to life's challenges. The book underscores the idea that the questions we ask ourselves can be powerful catalysts for change and transformation.