Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up by Jerry Colonna is a book that explores leadership and personal growth through the lens of emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Colonna, a renowned executive coach and leadership expert, shares insights on how individuals, particularly leaders, can navigate their inner landscapes to become more authentic, empathetic, and effective in their roles. Here are the key ideas from the book:
Radical Self-Inquiry
Colonna encourages readers to engage in radical self-inquiry, a deep and honest exploration of one's thoughts, feelings, and motivations. By understanding themselves on a profound level, individuals can become more self-aware and make better decisions.
Leadership as a Journey of Personal Growth
The book challenges the traditional view of leadership as solely a professional pursuit. Colonna suggests that leadership is deeply intertwined with personal growth and self-discovery.
The Heroic Journey
Colonna discusses the hero's journey archetype and how it applies to leaders. He emphasizes that leaders often face challenges and inner demons on their path to growth and transformation.
The Importance of Vulnerability
The book underscores the significance of vulnerability in leadership. Colonna believes that leaders who are open about their own struggles and emotions can create more authentic and empathetic connections with their teams.
Facing Fear and Shame
Colonna addresses common fears and feelings of shame that leaders may experience. He provides guidance on how to confront and navigate these emotions to become more resilient and compassionate.
The Mask We Wear
The book explores the masks and personas people often adopt in professional settings. Colonna encourages readers to shed these masks and embrace their true selves to build genuine relationships.
Compassionate Leadership
Colonna advocates for compassionate leadership, which involves understanding the perspectives and emotions of others. He discusses how empathy and active listening can enhance leadership effectiveness.
The Power of Connection
The book emphasizes the importance of meaningful connections and relationships in leadership. Colonna discusses how leaders can cultivate these connections to build strong, supportive teams.
The Art of Forgiveness
Colonna discusses the healing power of forgiveness, both of oneself and others. He suggests that forgiveness can free individuals from emotional burdens and enable personal growth.
The Role of Coaching
Colonna shares insights from his experience as an executive coach, highlighting the value of coaching in helping leaders gain clarity, self-awareness, and personal insight.
Mindfulness and Self-Care
The book touches on the benefits of mindfulness practices and self-care for leaders. Colonna suggests that these practices can help individuals manage stress and develop greater emotional resilience.
Values-Based Leadership
Colonna encourages leaders to align their actions with their core values. He believes that values-based leadership leads to greater authenticity and fulfillment.
The Leadership Paradox
Colonna discusses the paradox of leadership, where vulnerability and strength coexist. He suggests that effective leaders embrace this paradox and use it to their advantage.

"Reboot" offers a fresh perspective on leadership, emphasizing the importance of personal growth and emotional intelligence in effective leadership. Jerry Colonna's book challenges leaders to confront their inner struggles and fears, encouraging them to lead with authenticity and empathy. It underscores the idea that leadership is not just about external success but also about inner transformation and self-awareness.