Go for No! by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz is a motivational and self-help book that encourages readers to reframe their attitudes toward failure and rejection. The book offers a unique perspective on achieving success and personal growth. Here are the key ideas from "Go for No!":
Embracing Failure and Rejection
The central premise of the book is that success is often achieved by embracing and seeking out rejection and failure rather than avoiding them. The authors encourage readers to see rejection as a stepping stone to success rather than a roadblock.
The "Go for No" Philosophy
Fenton and Waltz introduce the "Go for No" philosophy, which involves actively seeking out opportunities to hear "no" from others. They argue that by increasing the number of times you hear "no," you also increase the number of times you'll hear "yes."
Overcoming Fear of Rejection
The book addresses the fear of rejection that holds many people back from pursuing their goals. Fenton and Waltz suggest that by desensitizing oneself to rejection, individuals can build confidence and resilience.
Setting "No" Goals
The authors encourage readers to set specific goals for the number of rejections they aim to receive in various aspects of their lives, whether in sales, relationships, or personal pursuits.
Learning from Failure
Fenton and Waltz argue that each rejection or failure provides an opportunity for learning and growth. They emphasize the importance of analyzing failures to understand what can be improved for future endeavors.
The Connection Between Persistence and Success
The book highlights the correlation between persistence and success. By persistently seeking out rejection and learning from it, individuals can increase their chances of achieving their goals.
Changing Mindsets
"Go for No!" promotes a shift in mindset from one that avoids failure and rejection to one that actively seeks them out as part of the journey toward success.
Resilience and Grit
Building resilience and grit is a key theme in the book. Fenton and Waltz believe that embracing rejection can help individuals develop the mental toughness needed to withstand setbacks and continue working toward their goals.
Sales and Business Success
While the book is applicable to various aspects of life, it is particularly focused on sales and business success. The authors provide examples and strategies for sales professionals looking to improve their performance.
Stories and Examples
Throughout the book, Fenton and Waltz share personal stories, anecdotes, and real-world examples of individuals who have benefited from the "Go for No" mindset.

"Go for No!" encourages readers to embrace failure and rejection as opportunities for growth and success. It challenges the conventional fear of rejection and offers a unique perspective on achieving one's goals. The book's principles can be applied not only in sales and business but also in personal development and relationship-building.