Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky is a book that offers practical strategies for regaining control of your time and attention in our increasingly busy and distracting world. The authors provide a framework for making intentional choices and focusing on what truly matters. Here are some key ideas from the book:
Highlight Your Priorities
The authors introduce the concept of "Highlighting," where you choose one or two most important tasks or activities for the day. By focusing on these highlights, you ensure that you're spending your time on what truly matters to you.
Design Your Day
Knapp and Zeratsky encourage readers to take a more proactive approach to their daily schedules. They suggest designing your day by setting aside time for your highlights and avoiding default behaviors that waste time.
Eliminate Distractions
The book offers strategies for identifying and eliminating common distractions, both physical and digital. This includes techniques for managing email, social media, and other attention thieves.
Energy Management
The authors discuss the importance of recognizing your natural energy patterns and scheduling your most important tasks during your peak energy times. They also provide tips for maintaining energy throughout the day.
Time-boxing involves setting specific time limits for tasks. Knapp and Zeratsky explain how this technique can help you stay focused and prevent tasks from expanding to fill your entire day.
Mindfulness and Meditation
The book touches on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for improving focus and reducing stress. The authors provide practical guidance on incorporating these practices into your daily routine.
Simplify and Declutter
Simplifying your physical and digital environments can reduce decision fatigue and make it easier to focus on what matters. The authors share tips for decluttering and organizing.
Set Boundaries
Knapp and Zeratsky emphasize the importance of setting boundaries with your time and attention. This includes learning to say no to non-essential commitments and requests.
Reflect and Iterate
The authors suggest regularly reflecting on your time management practices and making adjustments as needed. They encourage a mindset of continuous improvement.
The "Make Time" Calendar
The book includes a visual framework called the "Make Time" calendar, which helps you allocate time to your daily highlights and track your progress.

"Make Time" is all about helping individuals take control of their daily lives and make intentional choices about how they spend their time and attention. It offers practical, actionable advice for simplifying, prioritizing, and focusing on what truly matters, enabling readers to lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives.